my work at thorn

i wish i could show you, but i can't.

The nature of the work at Thorn is very sensitive. They have a mission to erradicate Child Sex Abuse Material (CSAM) from the internet, and a few other highly sensitive projects. I was on a team that worked with global intelligence agencies, and the work we were doing was used to help with investigations.

my responsibilities

Introduce the team to
User Experience
The team I was on had largely no experience with UX. So I led workshops, opened user interviews up to the whole team, and would regularly host a UX working/learn hour where anyone on the team could help with whatever I was working on at the time. This was helpful for both of us, because working on a team like that speeds me up big time.
build an understanding of the user workflow
Our tool was built really hastily. It was piecemeal, and designed as the initial developers went. No one had considered what the user's workflow would be when they were building it. So it was my job to piece together an understanding of how they were using the tool, AND how they wished they could use it.
cross-functional collaboration
Because the team was new to UX, and agile workflow in general, one of our teams main initiatives was bringing about more collaboration in the prioritization of efforts, and daily strategizing. I made sure to include Devs, Data Scientists, my PM, and anyone else that wanted to attend, were involved in research, synthesis, and prioritizing my initiatives.
systematic prioritization
Something else that had never been a part of the team's process was a truly agile system of prioritizing initiatives. Me and a few devs and several UXers from the company got together to brainstorm how to effectively utilize team skills in prioritization, and come up with an agile approach that worked for us.

if you have questions, i'd love to answer them (if i can)

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