the space experience

a good example of generative research, collaborative problem solving, and artifact creation

The Retail Company I worked for was losing a significant amount of merchandise, and needed help finding a solution.

There were three teams. The store architects, the space planners, and the people that actually stocked the shelves (the MET team). They all had data sources that were supposed to represent what the shelves in the store looked like, but rarely did the people designing shelves and stores have the right information. This problem lead to huge losses - the company had no idea where over $90 million worth of merchandise was.

My team was asked to help align the Space Experience databases with what was true of the in-store conditions. Here is how we did it.

the easiest way to tell you this story is a video presentation

feel free to mute me, but the narration is helpful :) 

some artifacts from the research we did