I'm a UX Researcher & Designer seeking a Senior UX Researcher Position.
I'm great at detail oriented research and data organization, problem identification and analysis, and using all of above to collaborate across teams toward streamlined, effective strategy.

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I'm Allie! live in a suburb of Atlanta with my dog Charlie and my best friend, Hannah. My friends tell me it seems like my favorite hobby is learning new hobbies because I'm always picking up a new one. I make music, and art, and websites.

I got into User Experience Research because of a physical product design internship I had my senior year at Georgia Tech. During the internship, one of our clients asked for an app, and brave few of us interns were tasked with designing an app to "connect the kitchen." The app turned out all right, the client was happy, and I realized that I loved the process of user research informed design. Since then, I've honed my skills as a user experience researcher, getting more and more opportunities to help solve bigger problems.

The more I've grown in my career, the more I've started to focus on the research side of things. I love putting problems in perspective, asking questions to get to the root of the issues, and delivering that information in a digestible, usable format.

My time on that team, was cut short when in 2022, my dad had a life-altering accident (he's doing much better now). As his primary caretaker, I needed a more flexible schedule and couldn't work full-time any more. I resigned from my position at Thorn and started ramping up my freelance business building websites, painting portraits, and other miscellaneous creative pursuits. Overall the transition was a success, and it has served it's purpose, but I've started to miss my coworkers and silly Slack banter.

If you're interested in having me on your team I'd love to chat.

here's my resume

You can download a copy here, or view it by turning your phone sideways.
Allie Haydon
Georgia Institure of Technology
B.S. Industrial Design
Aug 2012 - May 2018
GPA 3.6
User Experience Researcher & Designer
UX Optimization Specialist
Finding and communicating the real problem
is the first step to solving the problem.
microsoft suite
adobe suite
Freelance Graphic/UX Designer & Artist
October 2020 - present
building engaging websites in Webflow
creating brand language that keeps clients ahead of what is trending
developing effective information architecture within eye-catching designs
painting watercolor portraits
ask me about
why cows are the best
singing & songwriting
lmusic production
half-ironman training
maker studio
Sr. User Experience Designer
November 2021 - May 2022
Due to the nature of my project at Thorn, some information cannot be disclosed.
establish UX processes and agile workflow
understand user working patterns to create a service blueprint and highlight pain points
collaborate with users, the balanced team, and data analysts to direct product strategy
User Experience Designer (II)
THe Home Depot
August 2018 - July 2020
implementing exploratory research methods to understand the domain
creating a holistic process map of the flow of information between teams
employing research outcomes and data to demonstrate the need to pivot
inventing & implementing solutions as a team to increase data accuracy and consistency
a system for collecting and checking data accuracy
a data resource for all of Merchandising at The Home Depot
an estimates savings of $91 million in labor and lost merchandise
Richard John Livingston Martin Humanitarian Design Award
May 2018
Makes Sense: The Ultrasonic Cane for the Visually Impaired